Medical Marijuana Building Inspections

Recently I inspected a Commercial Building which was being purchased for use as a Medical Marijuana growing operation.  The Federal Government’s change in policy of allowing Medical Marijuana to be grown under license which will be grown in warehouses and other commercial buildings.  This will eventually lead to the sale of Commercial Buildings and warehouses which were used to grow marijuana.

This change in policy will also bring an influx of residential homes that were used as “grow ops” onto the market.  The increase of legalization of Marijuana in Canada and change in Government Policy is making the running of residential “grow ops” less profitable than in previous years.  In fact the price of Marijuana in British Columbia has been in steady decline.

Commercial Property and Residential Inspectors, who have the knowledge and training to identify “grow op” buildings will be even more in demand by investors who do not want to risk the considerable expense of remediating a previous “grow op” building.  Not only can a professional home inspector identify issues with a ‘normal’ house but they are also trained to identify signs of marijuana grow-ops, which include: hidden rooms, modified wiring, modified plumbing, modified heating, modified structure and other tell-tale signs.

When these grow-ops are residential, there is a greater health and safety risks since there are people living with the grow locations. These residential grow-ops, in their homes or outbuildings, are closer together, putting neighbors at risk. There are electrical and fire safety risks, along with health risks such as mould and mildew that they are exposed to. This could and has resulted in long term health issues.  Residential Grow Ops also create a fire and safety risk to neighboring properties.

Whenever a residential or commercial building had or does contain a marijuana grow operation, it creates an environment of excessively high levels of humidity. They purposely try and create a greenhouse inside a house or building. It’s this high humidity that causes most grow houses to have excessive amounts of mould growing inside the structure. Mould needs very little to grow: a food source (wood, paper, drywall, or dust), mould spores, an amiable temperature, and moisture.

The local city or municipal building officials may revoke the “Occupancy Permit” for any building determined to have environmental issues.  The owner on title will be responsible to schedule and perform environmental testing and possibly also require a structural assessment.

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