Bremont Homes Defies Tarion Home Warranty Program

Bremont Homes are currently building new homes in Innisfil – called the Forest Edge in Innisfil.  This September I was contacted by a new home buyer to accompany him for his Pre-Delivery Inspection.  You can imagine my surprise when I pulled up to the building site in Innisfil and the Bremont Homes representative, who was standing outside the home,  smiled and “wagged his finger at me”  indicating I would not be allowed to do the inspection.  This was confirmed by my client, who had been inside the home when I arrived.  He told me that the Bremont Customer Service person he had been dealing with could not make the appointment and the “Bremont Representative” would  not allow him to have a “home Inspector” present for his PDI inspection.

The Tarion website is very specific about allowing “home inspector’s” to attend the PDI inspection.   This is a direct quote from their website, “The minimum customer service standard allows a purchaser to attend the PDI with a designate or appoint a designate to attend the PDI in his/her place.  There is no restriction as to who the designate may be, so a professional home inspector or any other person is permitted to attend the PDI either with the purchaser or in their place as a designate”    You can visit website here.

In this day and age it boggles the mind that any company who has any consideration for their customers would prevent them from enjoying their rights under the Tarion warranty program.  Doing a quick search about Bremont Homes on the internet resulted in an article about problems with zoning,draft plans and “mistakes” in tree cutting.  You can read article here.

If you are thinking of buying a new home,  you might consider the consideration this particular builder has shown his client when denying his entitlement to have a “professional home inspector” present for the Pre-deliver Inspection.  I did another PDI inspection a week previous in Innisfil and found two very surprising items, considering it was a brand new home.  One was the electrical panel had been installed too high and the second was the sump pump did not have a air barrier as required.  There were many more items noted, but how many home owners would be aware of these deficiencies?

This particular client is hiring me to inspect his home as soon as he gets possession, and if I can obtain his permission, I will update this article with a list of deficiencies so you can understand the importance of having a professional to look after your interests when buying a new home.

Always Remember:  Caveat Emptor –  Buyer Beware

There are many groups who are petitioning the Ontario Government to have Tarion held accountable to the Ontario Ombudsman.  Hopefully this will eventually happen which would be a “big win” for new home buyers.   Read one site dedicated to providing information on “Home Construction”>

When purchasing a new home and booking a Tarion Pre-Delivery Inspection – protect yourself and your investment by call the Barrie Home Inspection Service.

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