Plumbing Maintenance and Basics.  The plumbing vent system is part of the building plumbing drain system and serves two basic functions, which are to allow the drains to flow freely by allowing air into the drain and avoiding slow drainage which would occur if there was no air.  The second function is to allow sewer gases to vent safely outdoors.  This prevents the buildup of dangerous and smelly gases inside the home.

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Direct venting of fixtures is permitted with 8 feet of vent.  Basically, larger piping diameter allows longer distances between a plumbing fixture and its vent stack. If a plumbing fixture is located too far from the main building vent stack, then its own drain pipe must have its own vent stack connection piping.

Wet venting occurs when your fixture, such as a toilet is too far from main vent stack to be properly vented.  A wet vent would be a drain for another fixture which would be located closer to the main vent stack and is increased by one size to allow adequate air in to properly vent toilet.

Plumbing vent leaks and odours can be caused by a variety of items.  Dis-connected lines in wall cavities, vents not run outside or blocked vent lines are just some of the common causes of noise or smells.  Ensure any plumbing in your home is performed by a trained and licensed plumber.

CPVC Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe is not as flexible as PB or PEX and the fittings are solvent welded (glued) rather than press-on. This pipe is likely to split if freezing occurs. CPVC pipe is suitable for use on both hot and cold water lines.  There have been reports that CPVC pipe made by JM Eagle Corp has some problems with defects found within first year of installation.

Plumbing troubleshooting is an essential first step to making successful repairs. If you haven’t identified the correct cause, you might spend time and money on efforts that will go nowhere.  Locating the origin of sound is the first step, once the sound is located the problem may be self evident or you may require the services of a licensed plumber.  Most homeowners are capable of cleaning a sink drain which is usually a simple fix.