Why Do I Need a WETT Inspection?

Many insurance companies are insisting that the inspection and/or installation and/or maintenance of wood-burning appliances and equipment be performed by someone who is WETT certified.

Who is WETT Certified?

In order to become WETT Certified an inspector must take the following courses:

  • Successfully complete the three-day Code Compliance course.
  • Successfully complete the two-day Woodburning Systems course.
  • Successfully complete the one-day SITE Basic Inspection course.
  • Submit a verifiable declaration of 80 weeks inspection, installation and/or sales experience as well as a letter of reference.

How Long is WETT Inspection Report valid for?

The WETT report is only valid for the time of the inspection.  Your insurance company is the only requirement for obtaining a WETT inspection and will typically tell you what their current requirements are.  Some insurance companies will require a WETT Inspection when a property changes ownership.

What Regulations is the WETT Inspection based on?

Wett Inspections are based on the Ontario Building Code and B365-the Installation Code for Solid Fuel Burning Appliances and Equipment.

Grandfather Protection

Certain products which are not allowed to be used today are still acceptable if being used in its original application.  Take an A type chimney, as long as it is still hooked up to original appliance and no changes have been made it would be considered acceptable.  If you change your wood stove, you would have to upgrade your chimney.

Another example of changes to B365 is the requirement for free standing wood stoves and hearth-mounted stoves that are rear vented to have a Tee mandatory.  This will improve both inspection and maintenance of flue.

Types of WETT Inspections

There are 3 typical levels of WETT Certification which the majority of inspectors will qualify for,  they are:

Site Basic Inspection –  You are required to complete Code Compliance Course, Wood Burning Systems and Site Basic Inspection Course.

Chimney Sweeping – You are required to complete Code Compliance Course, Wood Burning Systems,  Site Basic Inspection Course and Chimney Sweeping.

WETT Technician – You are required to complete Code Compliance Course, Wood Burning Systems and Site Basic Inspection Course.

You are also required to complete 80 weeks of field experience in your chosen path.

EPA Certified Wood Stoves

In the USA wood stoves are regulated for the amount of emissions from wood stoves and fireplaces since 1988.  New wood stoves and fireplaces must meet particulate and smoke emissions limits.  The EPA approximate limit is 5 grams of particulate per hour compared to the old stoves which is about 1/5 th of conventional stoves.

In Canada, British Columbia, is the only province to regulate wood stoves and fireplaces.

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