Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor.  People that own a home are generally required to deal with the stress in keeping everything well maintained and or repaired. Home owners soon discover that some areas of their home are much more difficult than others to maintain and sometimes will require the services of a professional. Roofing is one such area where home owners will need the services of a professional roofer most of the time.

The roof of any house building envelope and is responsible for keeping snow and water out of the home. This is also a part of the house that will be guaranteed to need replacement after service life of shingles has expired.  Majority of shingles will only last 18 to 20 years before requiring replacement.   There are shingles guaranteed to last 35 years according to manufacture but in over 9 years of home inspections I have never come across any that did, or even come close.

When choosing a professional roofer it is so important to ask for and check references.  Ask for a list of the last 10 jobs that he did and visit the home and talk to the homeowner to see if the roofer delivered all that was inspected.  Check with your local better business bureau so see if there have been any complaints.  Get an iron clad job quote with details of type of shingles, work to be performed and extras that might not be included.  Extras could be replacing roof vents, plumbing flashing or roof valleys.

The professionals under review should also be equipped with the opportunity to receive a detailed estimate. Free estimates are invaluable to consumers as they are generally created to list each part of what is necessary to restore this part of the house back to full function and condition. Obtain as many estimates as possible as this is helpful in providing the best possible guidance in detailing work that may be required and allow a more accurate pricing of roof replacement.

Availability is an additional source of consideration in making a wise choice. Consumers often learn that companies trained in this category of service are booked solid well in ahead of time which can create a challenge in having work completed as efficiently as possible. Providers available to begin in the shortest time frame help create the best service options.

Price is also a fundamental consideration in selecting a roofer but should not be the only consideration.  If customer is older who will be able to go on roof to ensure all flashings, valleys and ice and water shield was installed properly.

Call the Barrie Home Inspector for an un-biased inspection of your roof before making final payment to roofer.  Once money is paid out it is usually very difficult to reclaim without going to court.