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WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer)
SITE (System Inspections and Technical Evaluation)

SITE is a set of standardized guidelines recommended by WETT for the inspection and evaluation of wood-burning and other solid fuel burning systems. This chart identifies what each inspection level includes, its purpose and process. An inspection at any level
may include more but not less than that outlined in the “SITE Chart and Guidelines”.

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 Level 1 Inspection “Readily Accessible” Level 2 Inspection “Accessible”  Level 3 Inspection “Concealed Accessibility” 
Scope (What is Included) The inspection of “readily accessible” components of: (1) A wood/solid-fuel burning appliance, or (2) A site-built fireplace, and (3) The venting system for: a)The proper use of required components, and b)clearance to combustibles, and c)readily visible system obstructions or deposits.  (1)A Level 1 inspection, and (2)an inspection of all “accessible” components of the system for clearance to combustibles and for obstructions or deposits, and (3)an evaluation of the construction, sizing, condition and suitability of “accessible” components of the system.  1)A Level 1 and 2 inspection, and (2)an inspection of system components in areas of “concealed accessibility” for clearance to combustibles, and (3)an evaluation of construction, sizing, condition and suitability of components of the system in areas of “concealed accessibility”, and (4)an examination of surrounding construction for evidence of damage.  
Purpose (Why and When)  (1) To verify code compliance of the readily accessible components: (a)At a homeowner’s request, or (b)with a homeowner’s permission, when requested by a third party such as a Realtor, insurance company, home buyer or seller etc.  1)When a Level 1 inspection is deemed insufficient because of a detected or suspected compliance issue or hazard, or (2)when verification of the suitability and integrity of the system components is required, or (3)after an operating malfunction or external event that may have caused damage to the system, or (4)if the system experiences combustion spillage events, or (5)when an appliance is replaced, or (6)when a major system component is replaced or requires significant repair.  (1)When a Level 2 inspection is deemed insufficient because of a detected or suspected compliance issue or hazard that cannot be fully verified without access to concealed areas, or (2)after an incident that may have caused damage to any concealed parts of the system or building construction related to the system.  
Process (What to Expect)  1)A basic visual inspection by a WETT certified SITE inspector; performed without a ladder or specialized tools. (2)A report using WETT’s recommended inspection checklist(s) or similar checklist(s), for the type of system being inspected.  (1)Inspection of accessible system components, which may include disassembly of accessible system components, by a WETT certified SITE Comprehensive Inspector, or by a WETT certified Technician, as a part
of an installation or major system component repair process.
(2)A report using WETT’s recommended checklist(s), or similar checklist(s). (3)A written evaluation of the suitability and integrity of the system  
(1)The inspection by invasive means of concealed areas of the system by a WETT certified SITE Comprehensive Inspector, including the removal of nonstructural building components and/or the disassembly of parts of the system. (2)The possible use of specialized tools and equipment. (3)A comprehensive written report of the findings and possibly including inspection checklists.  
Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc.) is a non-profit training and education association. Through professional training and public education, WETT Inc. promotes the safe and effective use of wood and solid-fuel burning systems in Canada. SITE and WETT Inc. are registered trademarks of WETT Inc.

WETT Inspection Services provided to Barrie, Alliston and Orillia.

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