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Thermal Imaging by the Barrie Home Inspector

Commercial building roofs which have no visible leaks can be quickly assessed to find any penetrations that have started but not yet fully penetrated. Leaks around vents, ducts, HVAC penetrations are quickly identified. Air leakage is the primary source of heat loss in a commercial building envelope. A complete thermal scan of your building can identify where and causes of air infiltration.

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Energy Savings for Your Home

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The History of the Blower Door

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Secure The Future and Save Energy

Saving energy such as the use of wind power generators may not be one of the things that you are thinking lately. But once you figure out what is currently happening in the environment, you will come to think of about it over and over. It can immediately climb up on top of your list. And you will find yourself busy searching for ways and means where you can save energy.

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Observations for Home Energy Audits

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Fluorescents Lights and Mercury Scare?