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Concrete and Your Home by the Barrie Building Inspector

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Basement Crack Repair

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Century Home Inspections

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Basements – Cracks And Water Leaks

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Masonry Blocks and Mortar

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Doing Your Own Basement Waterproofing?

Basements are a great space to have. They can be a living space, amusement room, or storage space. Then again, before you can use your basement for any of those functions, itmust be waterproof. Waterproofing prevents excessive indoor humidity that can result to a space that is damp, musky and uncomfortable, and hazardous to your health due to the mold formation. Excessive moisture can also affect the structural stability of your basement. Even though plenty ofhome improvement contractors provide basement waterproofing, a number of homeowners prefer to carry out the project themselves to reduce costs.

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Water Problems and Solutions for Home Owners

Most water problems that homeowners encounter can usually be by controlling water above ground. Simple but effective means of controlling those above-ground problems may prevent structural damage to your home as well as dry up those basement damp areas.

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Painting the Foundation Tips

Foundation painting can improve the appearances of a house. Rather than leaving the home setting on a boring gray foundation, the owner can pick virtually any color of the rainbow to coordinate with the remainder of the home. There are a few tips for the best results, so keep these in mind.

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Underpinning to Correct Subsidence

Subsidence is among the major structural issues that may affect houses. Subsidence is where parts of the house foundation move or sink leading to cracks and sticking doors or windows. The causes of subsidence can be any of the following…

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Solving Basement Water Problems