Home Plumbing Inspections.  Bathtubs and lavatories can have overflows installed. These two fixtures are often used without close observation. A person preparing to take a bath will typically turn on the water and leave while the tub is filling up. If left for a long time, the tub water may rise to a height where the overflow will take the excess water to the drain, preventing flooding of the area. Many tubs are capable of supplying water at rates greater than the flow rate of the overflow. With such fixtures, overflowing and flooding may not be prevented.

The bidet is a small bathing fixture used by both sexes. It is not designed for the elimination of human waste, but for cleaning the perineal area, and other body parts, including feet. It is typically equipped with a water spray that directs water upward in a jet towards a body part.

In the past, the standard required lavatories to have an overflow. That is no longer the standard. The overflow is now an option of the manufacturer. The reason for not requiring an overflow at a lavatory is because of the lack of use of the overflow. The lack of use causes bacterial and micro-organism growth.

Sink waste outlets should have a minimum diameter of 1-1/2 inches (38 mm). Most kitchen sinks have an opening of 3-1/2 inches (89 mm) in diameter. A food waste grinder has a standard opening of 3-1/2 inches (89 mm), and so do most kitchen sink basket strainers. A strainer or crossbar should be provided to restrict the clear opening of the waste outlet.

Food waste grinders (also known as garbage disposals and disposers) are designed to grind foods, including bones, into small-sized bits that can flow through the drain line. Using them to dispose of fibrous and stringy foods, such as corn husks, celery, banana skins and onions, is not recommended because fibers tend to pass by the grinder teeth, move into the drain pipe, and cause drains to clog.

Many injuries in a dwelling are related to accidents in the bathtub or shower. The minimum opening requirements for access and egress allows an adult enough room to safely step into and exit the shower area without having to twist or turn through a narrow opening. The shower opening (or access and egress opening) should be at least 22 inches (559 mm) of clear and unobstructed finish-width. The 22-inch width is based on the approximate shoulder width of an average-sized adult. This minimum opening dimension also provides comfortable access to service the valves, showerheads and drain. It allows for emergency response and rescue access, and emergency egress.

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