Window Cleaning Techniques

Window Cleaning Techniques.  Many people struggle with their window cleaning abilities. It does not sound like it should be a difficult task, but there are a lot of people who really become frustrated with this and will rather get someone else to do this for them. However, it is actually easier than you may think. You will really surprise yourself.

First, you have to get yourself the right sort of equipment. The proper tools are going to make all of the difference. If you are using a simple old sponge you will find that there will not be that much difference which you will be able to report.

The secret to cleaning windows is not in the detergent. A lot of people think this and are fooled by the marketing skills of certain companies. Most of the time, it comes down to your techniques. You will need a small dose of detergent which will provide you with a good suds.

Use a detergent that you are used to using or that you have been recommended. Most window cleaners will tell you that it is not the detergent that really matters. It is more in the technique that makes most of the difference. As long as you have something that makes enough suds, you will be on the safe side.

Start by using the mop. Make sure you soak this and give the glass a good coating. If there are any spots that are left over and are not coming off, then get a little blade out and scrape it off. Make sure you do not scratch the glass. Just scrape upwards.

Soak the mop in your solution made up of a little detergent, mixed with water and then rub it on the glass. If there are any marks lefts over, then use a scraper. Just scrape in one direction otherwise the glass is going to become scratched.

A micro-fiber cloth will be used in the later stages for cleaning up the water marks, finger prints and other marks which have been left behind. These are the perfect cloths for drying up the edges, which are tricky to deal with. These can be cleaned easily in the washing machine so they are very convenient.

With all of these factors put together, you will find that window cleaning will be a task that you will begin to enjoy. You may want to put an old towel down on the floor to catch anything that drops down. This will make life easier for you when it comes time to clean up. Most window cleaners will clean the window frames up with a blue cloth. Usually something like detergent will spill over here when you are window cleaning.