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The advantage of hiring a Commercial Building Inspector will allow you to understand the true condition of the building you are contemplating purchasing.  The exterior and cosmetic finishes of a building never tell the complete story and only an experienced Commercial Inspector will fully evaluate and document those hidden issues.

As a member of the National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors, we have inspected projects and purchases that have exceeded 30 million dollars in value.  We have been chosen as the inspection company of choice by a major North American investment company and have inspected their purchases in most of Southern Ontario.  Our knowledge and experience is second to none and we are extremely proud of our expansion into the United States where we conduct Quality Control inspections for International Oil companies and Mining Companies.

As a Certified Building Code Official you get the advantage of having your building inspected by an individual  who has many years of experience in Plan Reviews, Renovation and New Construction inspections.  We also have a 20 year Contract Inspector veteran who has reviewed and inspected every aspect of a Buildings Construction and Renovation.  It is this type of knowledge and experience that will allow you to know the exact condition of the building you are considering purchasing.

Our reports are extremely detailed with pictures of every deficiency or maintenance defect.  We document HVAC, Heating, Plumbing, Structural, Fire Separations, Exit Hardware, Life Safety Equipment, Parking Lots, Exterior Cladding, Windows & Doors, Roof Coverings, Ventilation, Loading Docks and visually inspect your sprinkler systems.

We utilize the ASTM DE2018-08 Standard for Property Condition Assessments as a basis for all our inspections.  This is a guideline which outlines what deficiencies are inspected for and also sets out the performance of the subject building.   The final report is always based on the clients requirements which are decided upon prior to inspection.

Here are some industry guidelines for life expectancy on building items:

Air conditioning compressor – hermetically sealed           12 to 15 years

Air conditioning compressor – water-cooled                      20 years

Air conditioning compressor – reciprocating                      20 years

Rooftop heating and air conditioning unit                          20 years

Copper core boiler – heat exchanger                                   15 to 20 years

Steel core boiler – heat exchanger                                       10 to 15 years

New cast iron core boiler – heat exchanger                         20 to 25 years

Old cast iron core boiler – heat exchanger                          30 to 50 years

Steel tube boiler – heat exchanger                                       20 to 40 years

Heat exchanger – standard rooftop unit                              15 to 20 years

Heat exchanger downstream of a cooling coil                     10 to 20 years

Heat exchanger – standard indoor system                           20 to 25 years

Cooling tower                                                                          20 to 25 years

Central chiller                                                                           20+ years

Air handler                                                                                20 to 30 years

Gas-fired ceiling-mount unit heater                                       15 to 25 years

Gas-fired ceiling-mount radiant heater                                  20 to 25 years

Built-up asphalt and gravel roof system                                 20 to 25 years

Modified bitumen roof system                                                15 to 20 years

Inverted EPDM rubber or PVC roof system                             20 to 25 years

Asphalt paving for car parking                                                 20 years

Asphalt paving for trucks                                                          15 years

Sealed, double glazed windows                                               20 to 30 years

Plywood overhead doors                                                          15 years

Pre-finished steel overhead doors                                           20+ years

Electrical transformer                                                                30 years

Electrical switchgear                                                                  20 to 40 years

Most buyers who are investing in a building for their own use, are unaware that if the building does not have enough power for their needs,  they will usually be responsible for cost of upgrade.  This is the type of expense that may not be included in your inspection unless you hire a company who has experience in knowing what concerns may affect a potential buyer.

Knowing the condition of your building prior to purchase gives you the option of walking away, if you decide it maybe a “Money Pit”, or negotiating a price reductions to reflect repairs required.  Often a seller is not even aware of the condition of his building and can be very receptive to negotiation when faced with evidence of deficiencies.

Most major lenders will require a Phase 1 Environmental Assessment of Property prior to approving funding.  We offer Level 1 and Level 11 assessments at competitive rates.  Our Environmental Assessments are approved by all major lenders.

Qualifications Include:

Certified Master Inspector

Member of NACBI, NACHI, WETT, and OBOA

Over 4,000 inspections performed

Certified Building Code Official

Free Thermal Imaging of Roof and Exterior

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