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When looking for a home for sale in Barrie, ON you should first inspect the home’s exterior and interior completely. One thing that can be quite confusing for a prospective purchaser is hiring a home inspector, many people shy away from a Realtor’s referral and tend to find their own inspector. Home inspection professionals require a lot of building code courses and require a good systems knowledge and the experience to recognize barely visible deficiencies. Sometimes entering in the home of strangers is not always comfortable for the buyers or the seller, this is why most Realtor’s will request the sellers vacate the home during the inspection. The home inspectors should be well-versed with the hundreds of building requirements of the home to inspect along with local codes like plumbing, electrical, building and structural and decks etc.

Buyers should be follow the home inspection professional during the home inspection which can be an important part of successful home buying process. Participating in your home inspection is a valuable chance to learn about your homes systems and how they work.  It also gives the buyer an opportunity to ask questions about any of the homes structure, systems  or finishes that he or she is unsure about.

Some buyers feel comfortable enough with their knowledge and experience to do their own home inspection.  While this is typically not recommended we are providing a guideline to help those individuals do the best job possible.

1.  Roofing: Improper installation or aging can both require the replacement of shingles or roofing material.  A typical shingled roof can be expected to last approximately 18 to 20 years.  The south side of the roof will usually start to show signs of deterioration prior to rest of roof.

2.  Leakage from the ceiling: Check out whether it is ceiling strain or not. The leakage can be current or old and this is also a common issue. The home inspector will check all stained areas with a moisture meter or thermal imaging camera to ensure leak has been repaired and is still not active.  Beware of leaks where there has been no remediation done, this can lead to un-seen mould being present in patched area.

3.  Electricity: The home inspector will test polarity of outlets, inspect wiring, open panels, check connections and look for proper installation of cabling.  If there are many electrical deficiencies this would indicate that there was no electrical inspection done on work and no permit taken out.

4.  Exterior Drainage: A major culprit for contributing to wet or damp basements is improper drainage around your homes foundation.  Water from downspouts and rain maybe pooling and draining down your foundation wall.  Identifying this type of problem is easy when you know what to look for.

5.  Rotted wood: Once wood reaches 20% moisture content it starts to decay.  Improper clearance from the ground can be a major factor in moisture damage to wood.  Failure to maintain paint and stain finish on exterior wood can lead to expensive repairs.

6.  Additions and changes with no permit can create future problems for home owners if city inspectors investigate or are made aware of building without a permit.

WETT Inspection Barrie

7.  Fireplaces: Most insurance companies now require a WETT Inspection on any wood burning appliance in your home.   Click for WETT Inspection in Barrie

8.  Plumbing: Things related to plumbing like dripping faucets, loose toilets, leaking or slow drains are some defects that can be expensive and time consuming to have repaired. A slow leak on a toilet may not be visible is toilet is caulked to floor, trapping water against flooring.  Replacing floor can be very expensive.

9.   Hot Water: There are requirements to replace ABS vent pipe on older hot water tanks which are being replaced, with new 636 PVC vent piping.  This maybe a difficult job if basement if finished and vent pipe is enclosed in ceiling.

10.  Mould and Asbestos: These are said to be the biggest and common killers of any real estate transactions. A professional home inspect will note the presence of suspected mould and or asbestos but it will be up to the buyer or seller, depending on what the Realtor negotiates, to have suspected areas tested by a certified professional.

Things to do in home inspection

So your home inspection process is about to complete! In order to fix issues and leave your home in tip-top condition as a seller, you can overlook some maintenance issues until the date of inspection arrives.

As a seller: You can eliminate any type of maintenance issue and visible defects that are typically found during home inspection by yourself. This way the inspection report will focus only on major issues and not include a long list of minor deficiencies.

As a buyer: Complete the thorough home inspection process that will ensure complete peace of mind so that you can confidently purchase your dream home. In addition, the seller may agree to fix all the listed deficiencies allowing you to move into a problem free home.


Barrie Certified Master Inspector

Buying a house is said to be one of the biggest investments a family will make. So, having a home inspection by a qualified home inspector is very important.  But before selecting a home inspector, make sure he or she is knowledgeable and experienced. Check out their credentials and their previous experience before hiring one. The Barrie Home Inspector is a Certified Master Inspector, Member of Ontario Building Officials Assoc, Certified Building Code Inspector with over 4,000 inspections and offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee.