Your furnace is just like your car,  the better you maintain it the longer it will last, saving you money and headaches.  You should have a contractor do annual maintenance on your furnace and air conditioner.

Some of the items included in a maintenance inspection will include the following:

Check thermostat settings to ensure programmable setting are correct for energy saving;  Check and tighten all electrical connections and check current on motors etc. to check for potential failures; Lubricate all moving parts which can reduce wear and friction;  Check condensate drain for kinks or blockage; inspect and test all controls; clean all motors and filters to allow proper movement of air.

Oil furnaces will have their combustion checked to ensure proper combustion in fire pot.  Combustion is measured at chimney to detect poor combustion.  Oil tanks are also inspected every year when 10 year ULC certification runs out.

We highly recommend that our customers receive regular checkups on their systems to ensure that they address any problems before they become serious. Simple routine checkups can help you avoid an expensive repair that may catch you off guard later on.

A reputable company for all your maintenance and repair requirements is Philadelphia Air Conditioning Repair.