Deck Can Increase the Value of your home

Deck Can be Backyard OasisDeck Can Increase the Value of your home.  The weather is getting nice again and it’s a good time to consider how you might better use of your existing space. A great way to increase the size of your space is to move things outside. What if you have a beautiful deck out back? A well laid out deck can help you add living area to your existing home.  Decks are commonly built with roofs and sun shades which allow you to fully enjoy them during the summer months.

Adding some patio furniture, fire pit, barbecue and even a hot tub can turn a part of backyard into your summer oasis. Many people in the country have room in their backyards under an existing or potential structure that could be used. With new metal decking systems there are no spaces between sections. This water-proof seal prevents the weather from hitting the area below. That means that space remains dry and sheltered from the elements.

The area under your deck can also be used for storage with a little addition to some fiberglass or plastic panels to protect storage from water.  Adding a gutter system can also make your storage area dry and also allows you to direct your water to a desirable discharge point.

Things on your deck are done and it’s time to put on the finishing touches. Most people are hesitant to stain or paint the floor of wood decks as this becomes a yearly chore of sanding, scraping and painting.  A lot of people just use a water proofing product which has no visible finish, which will protect your deck and not become a yearly maintenance project.  Remember the idea is to enjoy your back yard oasis not add a chore on your summer project list.

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