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Do I really need to spend money on having a Home Inspection?  This is the question so many home buyers ask themselves and have a hard time understanding.  A Professional Home inspection will identify issues and deficiencies with a home that may otherwise go unnoticed.  As a home owner and property manager for numerous rental units, one thing stands out about deficiencies, “They Never Get Better”, a small maintenance item that may cost $25.00 now, could end up costing you hundreds of dollars later if not repaired.

Do I Have to Attend the Home Inspection?  Yes, if at all possible attend the home inspection.  This will be opportunity to become educated about your home and its major systems.  As a Certified Building Code Official the Barrie Home Inspector can provide valuable advice and point out deficiencies, explaining their importance and any recommendations for repair.

Is There a Pass or Fail of a Home Inspection?  No, there is no such “bench mark” which can be given to any home.   A home inspection points out existing deficiencies and any potential expenses, such as roof life expectancy or remaining life for your gas furnace for example.  Every person has a different view point on each and every item covered by a home inspection.  For a professional inspector to impose his point of view to a client would be very unprofessional.  The home inspection identifies the major and minor deficiencies in a home, the inspector will provide professional information about the issues but in the end it is the buyer’s choice whether to buy the property after being informed about the overall condition of the home.

Home Inspection Waiver – Typically home owners will have from 5 to 10 days to have a home inspection on the home they are purchasing.  This contingency provides that if conditions are found during the home inspection that are significant, you can back out of your offer free of any penalties.  In a Seller’s Market sometimes conditions are waived by buyers when facing a “bidding war” on a property they want to purchase.

Importance of Building Permits – Many basement renovations, bathroom additions and decks are built without obtaining the proper permits.  If you purchase a home which has had renovations done without a permit you will assume responsibility for this work by default.  The purpose of obtaining a building permit is to have qualified person inspect important aspects of work prior to being covered up.  Some of the more important inspections are:  electrical, plumbing, structural, framing, insulation and heating.  Failure to have these done can allow important deficiencies to go unnoticed until something occurs which could result in considerable expense to home owner.

Qualifications – The Barrie Home inspector has the following qualifications which enable a professional detailed inspection of your prospective property;

  • Certified Building Code Official with the Ontario Building Officials Association of Ontario
  • Certified Master Inspector
  • Member of North American Certified Home Inspectors
  • Member of National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors
  • WETT Certified
  • Completed both Part 9 and Part 3 requirements of Ontario Building Code
  • Over 5,000 home inspections completed with over 10 years of experience
  • Free Thermal Imaging inspection included with every Home Inspection

We provide Home Inspection service 7 days a week and cover most of Simcoe County.

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